At Hill View School we have a team of Ambassadors who are representatives for the school and the pupils at our school.

During 2015-16:

We wrote manifestos and spoken to our peers about why we wanted to become an Ambassador. We were elected by the children in Key Stage 2.

Ambassadors from Year 5 and 6 traveled to the Banbury Hub to attend an anti bullying course.

In November, for Anti-bullying week, we took part in an assembly, coordinated an anti bullying poem competition and judged the winners.

Throughout January and February, we collected board games and puzzles to distribute around the school whilst the field is out of action.

We looked at areas of the school where children feel unsafe or are not best used. This year (2016-17) the new Ambassador team will investigate ways of improving these spaces.

We assisted Mrs. Gould in sorting the litter from the ‘Clean for the Queen’ project.

We surveyed across the school and helped to design a new school menu.


Why do we have school Ambassadors?

  • It ensures Children are more involved in improving the school
  • They represent children from across the school
  • They help in some of the decisions made in and about the school
  • They make a difference
  • They represent the school at functions and events

An Ambassador is:

  • approachable
  • a good listener
  • organised
  • assertive
  • good at understanding
  • a team worker

Our Ambassadors:

  • Attending meetings
  • Run meetings
  • Discuss issues raised by pupils
  • Report back to classes and sometimes the whole school
  • Carry out action points following meetings
  • Attend events outside school

During 2014-15 our Ambassadors:

  • wrote a manifesto, nominated themselves and were elected
  • Raised over £500 for Comic Aid – Non uniform and cake sale
  • Acquired over £3000 of new and used books for Accelerated Reader
  • Led a Cyber bullying assembly
  • Helped with Water Aid week
  • Completed a survey and produced a PowerPoint on healthy snacks to promote healthy eating across the school
  • Wrote to large supermarkets asking for donations of fruit and veg
  • Attended an anti-bullying conference
  • Held regular meetings to plan events
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