School Food

A hot school dinner costs £2.10 per day for children in years 3 -6 (years R, 1 & 2 qualify for free meals under the UIFSM scheme). Money should be handed in, in a named envelope, on a Monday morning, (or the first day of return to school after a school holiday or sickness) either via reception or your child’s class teacher or payment can be made online using app. Please do not include any other money in the same envelope i.e. trips/breakfast clubs – ideally all money should be in separate envelopes for each different payment.

You can choose which day your child has a school meal – just state the day(s) on the envelope that they will be having a school meal for that week.

School MealsCurrent menus can be viewed by clicking here

Your child may be entitled to free school meals if you are in receipt of certain benefits. If you think you may be entitled, please complete an application form, sign it and hand it in at the school office. We will then check your entitlement via Oxfordshire County Council.


The relevant support payments are:


  1. Income Support/Employment Support Allowance (IR) (ESA(IR))
  2. Income Based Job Seekers Allowance (please note this must be Income Based not just Job Seekers)
  3. Support under the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999
  4. Child Tax Credit provided that Working Tax Credit is not included and that the “annual income for Tax Credit purposes” is within the guidelines set for the financial year (£16,190 from 01.04.2012). If you are in paid employment and/or in receipt of Working Tax Credit, it is unlikely that you will be entitled to free meals.
  5. The ‘Guarantee’ element of State Pension Credit

Click here to download a Free School Meals application form to complete and hand into school office. Upon receipt of your form your entitlement to free school meals will be checked with Oxfordshire County Council and a letter will be sent to inform you of the outcome.

Please note that outstanding dinner payments will be chased by the school and legal action may be take by the local authority if accounts are not settled within an acceptable and agreed timescale.

Documents are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader you can download it from here for free.

Breakfast Club

Our breakfast club TOAST runs from 8.00am each day.

  • FOR ALL CHILDREN, you must book your child a place at school office we can accommodate a maximum of 40 children each day and need to know in advance how many we are expecting each day.  We may not be able to accommodate all your requests.
  • Children must arrive between 8.00 and 8.15am – access to breakfast club will close at 8.15am.  There will be no access to breakfast club after 8.15am.
  • Children must be checked in and money paid upon arrival – you can pay for all sessions in a week on a Monday.
  • Breakfast will be served between 8.00 and 8.25am in the area outside the kitchen 
  • From 8.15am, children will access activities in the main hall area – there will be a rolling programme of activities including board games, books and stories and  crafts
  • At 8.45am, children will go to their classes for registration

At £2.20 per day, and being available every day, our breakfast club price very competitive.  For example, one local primary school charge £3.50 a day from 8.00am, another only offers breakfast club for two days each week and childminders charge around £4-5 per hour.

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