Governing Body

A Governors  role is to set the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction. They also hold the Headteacher to account for the performance of teachers and pupils, and to ensure that public money is being well spent.

Governors have to be perceptive people who can challenge and support the Headteacher in equal measure and know when and how to do this. They also have to understand the complexities of school organisation and be able to analyse the wealth of data that now exists on school performance.

As a school we are very proud of our governors who take their duties very seriously and give up their time in the interests of the whole-school community.  They make an important contribution to raising standards and maintain high aspiration.

Our governors receive regular, relevant, high-quality training often alongside staff, to enable them to do their job effectively.  Governors appreciate the need to focus on the core issues that really matter – the quality of teaching, the progress and achievement of pupils and the underlying school culture.

The Full Governing Body is chaired by Mrs Chrissie Garrett supported by Mr Ron Barnett as Vice Chair.

Our Governing body is split into two further committees:

  • Safeguarding and SEND – Chair – Mr Barry Lothian
  • Resources – Chair – Mr Henry Goodman

Curriculum and whole school data analysis features throughout Full Governing Body meetings as we feel it is important for ALL Governors to be have full knowledge of these aspects of the school.

Meet Our Governors


Mrs Chrissie Garrett
Chair of Governors
Mr Ron Barnett
Vice Chair of Governors
Mr Henry Goodman
Chair of Resources
Mr Barry Lothian
Chair of SEND and Safeguarding
Mrs Rebecca Morgan
Parent Gov
Mrs Louise Penfold Colledge
Parent Gov
Mr Phil Blunden
Associate Gov
Mrs Maryse McHale
Mrs Steph Simons
Staff Gov
Mrs Rebecca Rorich
Staff Gov
Assistant Headteacher
Mrs Claire Ferens
Mrs Janet Thomas
Associate Gov
Deputy Headteatcher


The document below has a break down of our Governing body, identifying areas of responsibility and also a register of attendance.





Terms of reference:

Contacting Governors

You are welcome to get in touch with governors if there is something you wish to discuss with them. This is best done by contacting the clerk of governors, Mrs. Maryse McHale 01295 251 205 or by using form below:-




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