Marathon Kids Update 3

With only one week to go until the end of our Marathon Challenge we have now achieved an astonishing combined distance of 6,807Km.

Of the 427 runners in the school 99% have taken up the marathon challenge running an average distance of 16Km. We have 273 runners 64% who have achieved 10Km, 100 runners 23% have achieved a half marathon, 46 runners 11% have achieved 30Km and 17 runners 4% have achieved the full marathon distance to date. I expect many will add to this total in the final week.

These are truly amazing statistics when you consider we have only been running for seven weeks and only five days a week. Even more amazing when you think this has been completely voluntary by the children to take part in their lunch times. They have really stepped up to the challenge and many have reached or exceeded their own personal goals.

I am also pleased to hear of children inspired by Marathon kids who are taking up the challenge to improve their fitness by running outside of school.

Keep up the hard work and remember we are also running this as a sponsored event so your children’s superb effort can also help raise money for their school. Please keep collecting and return the sponsor form and money to the office on Monday 17th July 2017.

Thank you for all the support you have been giving to the children.

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