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Please see below the School Nursing Team newsletters which are an invaluable source of information and advice:

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Termly drop in:

The school nursing team will be holding termly drop ins for parents to come and discuss any health needs or worries they have with regard to their child.  The sorts of things you could get support and advice for are: headlice, diet, asthma, hearing or sight, puberty, mental health, personal hygiene, general illness etc

Thank you to all who ‘dropped in’ to see the nurses of 9th March.

The next date will be in the Summer terms and will be confirmed soon.  It will be held in Nicky’s room (the room overlooking the chickens) 9-10am.

ONCE A WEEK TAKE A PEEK – the national campaign to beat headlice.  Please see the leaflet here for further information.

Please find below some other useful documents. For any other health queries please visit the NHS website for advice.

Medical Form Child Medical Form – please complete and return this form to the school office if your child’s medical information has changed.
Head Lice A letter describing the importance of checking your child’s hair and treating any infestations of head lice
Verrucas A letter providing advice on how to prevent the spread of verrucas.
Conjunctivitis Information from the Royal College of General Practitioners, which outlines some simple dos and don’ts for treating conjunctivitis.
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