85% of our pupils live within 2 km of the school which is considered comfortable walking distance and 96% live within 3 km, which is considered comfortable cycling distance. Despite this, huge numbers of children are driven to school.  Not only is this less healthy, the impact of this leads to overcrowding on the roads around school at the start and end of each day.

27.9% of our children are categorised as overweight or obese which is above the average of 23.8% for Oxfordshire. We work hard at school to educate our children to lead healthy lifestyles and walking, scooting or biking to school is an easy way to improve the health and well-being of our pupils.  Please support us in our drive to teach children lasting life style choices by making this healthier choice.

We are also very conscious that the increase in children attending the school, after the new build is complete, could have a further, detrimental effect on this overcrowding. We urge parents to walk their children to school where possible.  Many children use scooters or bikes to come to school.  If you wish your child to ride or scoot to school, please apply for a bike licence (forms can be found on our policies and forms page or through the school office).  We have worked with the local authority and produced a travel plan which details the actions we will take to reduce the traffic around school.  Please also see the Footsteps leaflet which provides advice to parents on teaching road safety to  children.

HV Travel Plan

HV Travel Plan

Footsteps Parents Guide Sept 2012-page-001

Road Safety Leaflet

To ease the pressure on the roads immediately outside school, please consider:

  • walking, scooting or biking to and from school
  • using OPERATION SAFE PARK at the Musketeer carpark* and walking across to the back gate OR
  • parking a short distance away in the roads around the front of school and walk the remaining bit OR
  • car share if driving is completely unavoidable

*The Musketeer Pub have kindly allowed parents of Hill View pupils to use their car park (the old part) at morning drop off and afternoon pick up.  It takes around 6 mins to park and walk across to the back gate.  The back gate is particularly useful if your child’s class is in the new build, B block or C block.  The only thing they ask in return is that you consider stopping for a meal!!

In the meantime we would like parents of the school to pledge that they will park safely when they bring their children to and from school.  This means:

  • NOT parking on the yellow zig zags
  • NOT mounting the curb
  • NOT opposite another car
  • NOT blocking a residents driveway

To pledge your commitment to parking safely, please provide us with your name(s) and your child(ren)’s name(s) using this contact form:

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