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Hello everyone and welcome to the Maple and Oak pages.  We will celebrate our learning here, showing and telling you what we have been doing.

In Year 5 and 6 there are six classes. Oak 1, 2 and 3 are taught by Mr Travis, Miss O’Connell and Mr Woodward and Maple 1, 2 and 3 are taught by Mrs Rowe, Mrs Rorich, Mrs Prinsloo and Mrs Thompson.

We are found in the posh new building next to the playground and are loving our new environment!

Homework in Year 5 and 6

Regular homework in Years 5 and 6 is done in two homework pupil books provided by the school. SPAG Homework and Maths homework are issued on a Friday and are to be handed in on the following Thursday. In addition to this, there may be some project based homework at times, and additional revision sent home during Year 6 in preparation for SATS. Please see one of the teachers if you have any questions.

Date: Spring Term 1

13.12.16    Happy New Year!!!!

We hope you had a lovely holiday!

We have hit the ground running with our new topic ‘Ancient China’. This half term, we will be studying ‘The Shang Dynasty’. We have thought already about where China is, which countries boarder it and the country’s main geographical features using atlases. Each class is also making a representation of a Chinese Kite. Throughout the topic, we will learn about daily life, religion, warfare and customs and traditions.


This week we have been seeing all of the wonderful science experiments that were undertaken in the last month. We really appreciate the efforts put in at home. Each child was able to explain what their hypothesis was, how they investigated and what their results were. We were especially impressed with those that were able to explain the scientific theory behind their results. Well done everyone! Here are some photos:

13.12.16    We have hosted…

A VE Day ‘Street Party’!

Thank you so much to everybody who spent the afternoon with Years 5 and 6. We enjoyed having you in our classrooms, looking at a few books, our Anderson Shelters and talking about our WW2 learning.

Year 5 tried hard at a dance without much rehearsal time and Year 6 sang some wartime songs beautifully! We hope all of the adults enjoyed the Spam sandwiches 🙂 We weren’t so keen! Particularly rousing was the National Anthem at the end – God Save The King! It’s been an absolutely wonderful topic; so interesting and thought-provoking. We are looking forward to the next one starting in January. Photos to follow….



14.12.16    UPDATE – Some of us have been wiring up our wonderful Anderson Shelter models with working light bulbs and switches. They were great. It showed that we learnt a lot in our ‘Live Science’ lesson earlier in the term!

2.12.16      We have made…

Year 5 and 6 children have completed some AMAZING homework projects linked to their WW2 learning. They have worked alongside family members to create their own adaptation of an Anderson Shelter. To extend their learning further, the children will now be challenged to use their scientific knowledge of circuits to install a light/bulb with working switch. Thank you to all family members who supported our learning in working collaboratively to complete this task. A very impressive range of creative projects, well done year 5 and 6 pupils!

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29.11.16   We have been . . .

To Blenheim Palace!!!

What a brilliant few days!

Under perfect blue skies, Year 5 and 6 wrapped up warm and visited Blenheim Palace to support the learning we have been doing this term about World War Two. All of the children had a special tour around the Palace learning about it’s history. We also learnt the circumstances which meant that it was a favourite place of Winston Churchill.  We even saw where he was born! The buildings and gardens were incredibly awe-inspiring and really showed us ‘how the other half live’! It’s not very often we get to see such incredible art work and tapestries up close so that was brilliant, too.

The children also had a workshop in public speaking which involved learning how best to speak to a crowd, just like Churchill did, and thinking about what made him such an amazing speech writer and deliverer. This was perfect timing as at the moment, Year 5 and 6 are learning about persuasive language and will be doing some public speaking as a result of this!

Once again, the children made all of the staff extremely proud with exemplary behavior and great engagement with the people and places that we saw. Thanks, guys, for being such good representatives!

img_2415 img_2416 img_2419 img_2421 img_2422 img_2423

25.11. 16     We have been . . .

Year 6 were visited by our local MP, Victoria Prentis, last Friday. They prepared excellent questions on a range of topics, from the EU referendum to the Horton Hospital. Mrs Prentis was extremely impressed by their questioning skills, as well as their ability to respond well to discussion points with enthusiasm and knowledge. They were fantastic representatives for our school.

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We have been . . .


Today Years 5 and 6 took part in a BBC Science Live Lesson! It was really fun. Schools from all around the country tuned in simultaneously to a lesson all about electricity. we revised what electrical circuits were and what symbols were used when drawing them. It also led to some pretty in depth questions about electrical current and what electricity really is.

We hope to take part in some more of these as the year progresses.

img_2291 img_2293 img_2295


1.10.16     We have been . . .

busy settling into the new building and loving our new topic about World War Two.

We have been learning about the outbreak of the Second World War, Life on the Home Front and what it must’ve been like to be evacuated away from your families. It has been really interesting and the children have shown some brilliant empathy and thoughtfulness surrounding the subjects.

In English we have been enjoying the classic children’s novel ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. It is all about an evacuee called William and his experiences staying with his Host, ‘Tom’.

We have also been writing LOTS, linking it to our topic learning. We wrote newspaper reports about the outbreak of the second world war and letters as if we were evacuees. Currently, we are writing narrative, thinking carefully about story structures and language to make it great for our readers to enjoy!

All of the classes also had visitors last term from Woodstock Museum. They brought in artefacts, photos and some crafts for us to do. It really helped us understand more about life on the Home Front. The map of places which were bombed in Oxfordshire was particularly interesting!

We are also looking forward to our upcoming trip to Blenheim Palace on the 28th (Year 5) and 29th (Year 6) of November – please make sure permission slips and payment are sent into school ASAP.

We said . . .

“It must’ve been amazing to hear that war had started!”

“I think Mr Tom is nicer than we think because he disagrees with Willie’s mum beating him.”

“My newspaper report headline will make people want to read the article because it sounds like groundbreaking events have happened!”



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