AdmissionsAdmissions to all Oxfordshire schools are co-ordinated by Oxfordshire County Council. Full details can be found on the county council website at

Equality of Opportunity

Oxfordshire County Council is under statutory duties to ensure fair access to educational opportunity which means some groups of children are given priority in order to ensure that their needs are met.  These include children who have an Education, Health & Care Plan and those who are Looked After.  For further information please see here.  Hill View School believes in access to education for all.  We are committed to promoting equality and taking positive steps to ensure everyone receives equal opportunity to achieve and progress.  For further information please see our: Equality Policy; SEN policy; and Safeguarding policy which can be found in the Policies and Forms section of this website.

Starting school

All children are eligible for a full-time place at school from the September following their fourth birthday.

The application process for new September intakes start in the October before with a deadline for submission in January ie: if your child is due to start school in September 2017, you will need to apply for a place before January 2017.

We invite you to visit the school for a tour to help you make an informed choice of school for your child.  If you would like to visit, please telephone us on 01295 251205 to arrange an appointment.    We already have dates set between October 2016 and January 2017 for tours of the school and we would love to meet you to show you our school.

You can apply:

Secondary School Applications

If your child is in year 6 and needs to apply for a secondary school place you need to fill in a similar secondary transfer form and return it directly to the County Council (the address is on the form) or the school office of the school that you are applying for.

Transfer/moving school

In-year admissions are for those children looking for an Oxfordshire school place during the academic year.

If you are moving to Oxfordshire from an address within England and are applying for a school place in advance of that move then you should apply via your current home authority, who will pass details of your application to the Oxfordshire Admissions Team.

If you are not currently resident in England and your child is moving to Oxfordshire then you should apply to Oxfordshire County Council direct. You can do this in advance of your move.

If you are moving within Oxfordshire you need to indicate your anticipated new address and the proposed date of your move. The County Council may ask for confirmation of your new address.

Further details are available from the Oxfordshire County Council web site at You can contact the Oxfordshire Schools Admission Team for further advice on 01865 815175.

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